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The Soma Tantra: A Cosmic Tragedy

By: Obsidian Eagle

Although heavily influenced by traditional Hindu scriptures, The Soma Tantra is a completely original retelling of an ancient story about a war against the moon. As a piece of literature it has few parallels since it sprawls across many genre boundaries including Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Mythology, Epic Poem and Spiritual Text. Yet despite an overtly serious tone, The Soma Tantra is also filled with a light-hearted campiness running throughout its pages.

A humongous metallic cylinder floated far above the site of the battle. It would have appeared as a bright star to those below except that their attention was drawn elsewhere. This state of distraction afforded Upaya Panther-Mask a bird’s-eye view of the ongoing havoc. He stood at the brink of a hatch on the vessel’s side, scanning that distant panorama through sensory augmentations ingrained in his helm. The fulmination that had dissipated a little earlier would have...

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