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Fritz Dufour is a Haitian-born American researcher and writer. He is a trained Cross Cultural Health and Communication Expert and holds a MBA from Long Island University (Brooklyn, New York) and a DESS from the School of Medicine of Université de Montréal (Montréal, Canada). He’s also a linguist with emphasis on sociolinguistics and translation (English-French). His interest revolves around the role played by economy and health in the shaping of industrialized societies.

He’s a big fan of history, philosophy, and sociology. His literary works include, redaction and translation of business, health, scientific, and technological articles. He is a prolific author.

When he is not writing, he likes to discover new places (virtually, through television, or in reality). In his spare time, he likes to take refuge in music to allow his mind to travel, which, thus, enable him to connect and reconcile both music and the places he fantasizes about, and, therefore, experience continuously the relationship between music and the surrounding environment, as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe put it: "Music is liquid architecture; Architecture is frozen music."

He strongly believes in Eudemonism or the constant pursuit of happiness, which, he believes, should be an integral part of all human beings. To him, your happiness is something to cherish and safeguard, and should never depend on nor be controlled by your peers. At the same time, he thinks that the latter should never be blamed for the choices you make, especially the calculated and educated ones.


·         High School: Petit Séminaire Collège Saint Martial, Port-au-Prince, Haiti (1984). 

o   Concentration

§  Humanities & Social Sciences 

§  Literature and Philosophy

§  Languages

·         Modern: English and Spanish

·         Classical: Latin and Ancient Greek

·         West Chester University of Pennsylvania, West Chester, PA (1998)

o   BS Business Management

·         Long Island University - Brooklyn Campus, Brooklyn, NY (2004)

o   MBA Management

·         Université de Montréal (School of Medicine), Montréal, Canada (2013)

o   DESS Health Administration and Workplace Safety

Areas of research

  • Environment / Conservaton
  • Health Economics
  • Linguistics
Past Research / Accomplishment

2012: Implementation of an automated and robotic system used for the distribution of drugs (SARDM) at CHSLD Maimonides of Montreal, Canada
2013: Development of a Blanced Scoreboard for the Rossy Cancer Network (Montréal, Canada)


2013: Human Factors in Patient Safety (Erromed, Jewish General Hospital of Montreal, Canada)


  • Health services management
  • Financial analysis
  • Database management
  • Project management
  • Applied linguistics

General Information:


• Exploring the Possibilities for the Emergence of a Single and Global Native Language

• How Translational Medicine Is Progressively Redefining Healthcare

• Is the US Electoral College a Polite Fiction That Should Be Abolished?

• Opportunities and Challenges for Environmental Sustainability: A Socioeconomic and Political Analysis

• Philosophical Essay on the Works of Louise-Victorine Ackermann

• Protecting the U.S. Population’s Health Against Potential Economic Recessions and High Unemployment and the Endemic Inflation of Health Care Costs

• Reflections and Observations on Mark Twain’s The Gilded Age: A Tale of Today

• Technological Singularity, a Grandiose Dream: A Would-Be Glorious Achievement for Its Proponents, but an Idea Eliciting Second Thoughts from the Sceptic

• The Adult Obesity Epidemic in the United States: A Comprehensive Approach Including the Financial Costs, the Societal Costs, the Solutions, and the Future of Food and Weight Gain

• The Costs and Implications of Our Demand for Energy: A comparative and Comprehensive Analysis of the Available Energy Resources

• The Realities of ‘Reality’ (Series):

o Part I : It All Starts from Within

o Part II: Making Sense of Why Modern Science Advances (Volume 1)

o Part II : Making Sense of Why Modern Science Advances (Volume 2)

o Part III : Impacts of Speed and Time Optimization on Reality

o Part IV : The Reality Behind Achieving World Peace

• The South China Sea: A Look into China’s Modern Times Maritime Silk Road and its Geopolitical Implications

• Understanding What Makes a Person Unique: A Multipronged Approach

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