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Yest Ye Become One

By: Nickolaus A. Pacione

Complete short story by me as something that will offer up access to a story where it will be offered up for the masses to read and enjoy. This is part of the Gutenberg shorts series from me as I hope some of you can take this story in the spirit I've written this. Advance Warning: Graphic Tough Language (Come on this is Chicago you're expected to hear an f-bomb or two.)

Excuses as one collects; everything they fabricate becomes everything someone believes as they hang on every other word. One lie leads to destruction of another man – a question we see coming to mind; how many collate and then trim and past a plethora of statements to make someone look like they’re criminal. “How do you mean?” Small town busy bodies calling their version of Barney Fife within their nonfictional version of Mayberry – unable to handle little bit ...

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