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Arts and Crafts Essays

By: Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society; R. & R. Clark, Ltd. (1893)

Crane, W. Of the revival of design and handicraft : with notes on the work of the Arts and crafts exhibition society.--Morris, W. Textiles.--Crane, W. Of decorative painting and design.--Crane, W. Of wall papers.--Robinson, G. T. Fictiles.--Benson, W. A. S. Metal work.--Clarke, S. Stone and wood carving.--Webb, S. Furniture.--Clarke, S. Stained glass.--Clarke, S. Table glass.--Morris, W. and Walker, E. Printing.--Cobden-Sanderson, T. J. Bookbinding.--Brown, F. M. Of mural painting.--Sumner, H. Of agraffito work.--Robinson, G. T. Of stucco and gesso.--Lethaby, W. R. Of cast iron.--Morris, W. Of dyeing as ans art.--Morris, M. Of embroidery.--Cole, A. S. Of lace.--Blomfield, R. Of book illustration and book decoration.--Day, L. F. Of designs and working drawings.--Prior, E. S. Furniture and the room.--Ricardo, H. Of the room and furniture.--Blomfield, R. The English tradition.--Lethaby, W R. Carpenters' furniture.--Pollen, J. H. Of decorated furniture.--Webb, S. Of carving.--Jackson, T. G. Intarsia and inlaid wood-work.--; 1Webb, S. Woods and other materials.--Turner, M. E. Of modern embroidery.--Morris, M. Of materials.--Morris, M. Co...

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