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The Chamber : The Dead Don't Always Sleep

By: Chris M. Hopkinson

Ronnie is a young man barely out of his teens experiencing the appalling conditions of the average Bomber Command Gunner on missions over Nazi Germany in 1944. Battling to survive in a surreal world of death and fire Ronnie is however tormented by an even greater evil - a ghastly secret of a crime so vile he is sure his life is in even greater danger. Fast forward to the present day and we meet Mark. Also barely out of his teens Mark has made the bold decision to leave his homeland of Australia and venture across the seas to rural England to meet his long time no see Father. His quest leads to a life far removed and different from his own. In the lush fields of Lincolnshire Mark discovers the derelict remains of RAF East Wigram, a bomber command base long since abandoned to the elements. Out of misguided curiosity he ventures into a strange and dark building where the ghosts of the past are ready to engulf his mind and unleash the hideous secrets of the past upon his soul. This Building is - The Chamber....

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