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World Health Organization : (Emro) Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean, Year 1993, Med.Leg 1 - in French: Rapport d’Expertise Concernant la Medecine Legale au Liban

By: J. Planques, Prof.

Medical Reference Publication

The successful implementation of the European strategy for Health for A l l by the Year 2000 implies, i n t e r a l i a , a careful and comprehensive evaluation of a l l programmes and a c t i v i t i e s leading to the achievement of the S t r a t e g y ' s goals. This applies with greatest relevance to the prograrmnes and a c t i v i t i e s of the Regional Office. The present document reviewa the evaluation mechanisms and procedures i n the Regional Office and t h e i r evaluation in recent years. Evaluation procedures are i n t e g r a l components of the managerial process for WHO programe development and as such of the WHO programe in the European Region....


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