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The International Mind : An Argument for the Judicial Settlement of International Disputes

By: Butler, Nicholas Murray, 1862-1947

...- tutional government has gone hand in hand the conception of the reign of law and the dominance of justice. The reign of law and the dominance of jus... ... no individual shall be allowed to enact his own claims and ambitions into law or decree. These must be submitted in formal and stated fashion to a tr... ...he purpose. No nation in which REAL INTERNATIONALISM 5 this conception of law and justice did not pre- vail could be counted for a moment among civil... ...ure, traditions, and precedents of its own. We wish to see interna- tional law declared and established as well as individual differences composed. Th... ...ferred to it in his recent address before the meeting of the International Law Society at Washington. With the support of names such as these this pro... ...alf of the United States, and in receipt of an appropriate salary fixed by law, would bring to their task both unusual equipment and unusual experienc... ...y to the world's progress in all that relates to the spread of the rule of law, to the peaceful development of commerce and indus- try, to the advance... ...ajority and mi- nority reports recently laid before Parliament by the Poor Law Commission, could for one moment turn aside from the stern duty of na- ... ... Senator Root, in his address before the American Society of International Law, more than a year ago. Mr. Root then referred to the fact that because ...

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