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Fugitive : Volume 3

By Day, John

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Book Id: WPLBN0100000152
Format Type: PDF (eBook)
File Size: 1.72 MB.
Reproduction Date: 15/3/2017

Title: Fugitive : Volume 3  
Author: Day, John
Volume: Volume 3
Language: English
Subject: Fiction, Drama and Literature, Action crime thriller
Collection: Authors Community
Subcollection: Adventure
Publication Date:
Publisher: John Day
Member Page: John Day

Their past catches up with them, as Max & Carla are separated. He is on the run and she tries to find him. Max needs help and the girl who cares for him has her own demons. She drags him into deep trouble while planning to steal a fortune, so they can life in luxury. Fate has not finished with the 3 of them in a killer ending.

Synopsis of Fugitive. The story starts with the discovery of a lethal pathogen in Antarctica. Those in power realise it has to be covered up, because there is no cure. The scene switches to Max & Carla, the ending of Fire Ice where the Carla is captured and Max is clinging to life in hospital. To protect The Organisation where Max & Carla work as trouble shooters, they must either rescue Max before he talks, or kill him. Max recovers enough to escape in the back streets of London. Carla escapes from the kidnapper, her father and goes on the hunt for Max, to bring him back safe to The Organisation. Max has no knowledge of his past, but knows he is wanted as a terrorist. He has no money, no place to stay and no friends. He robs a drug dealer on the street and gets enough to book a room. Badly injured in the encounter, he meets Star. The young girl is a psychopath who likes to fix broken people. Max is seriously broken. Max recovers his physical health and plans to steal more money, very big time, with Star’s help, so they can both leave the country and start a new life, perhaps together. Max plans his new identity with the help of a lookalike tramp. Star realises she cannot get an identity that way and looks for a girl she can pass herself off as. Unbeknown to Max, she murders the girl and claims she killed herself. Max realises this is a perfect opportunity for her to go on the run with him and helps her dispose of the body. Months on, the tramp kills himself and this time, the 2 dispose of the cut up corpse at sea. Max nearly drowns in a storm. Rescued, the two bluff their way out of trouble. The big con takes place using bait from previous robberies from Mr Big. Mr Big plans to get most of his money back in a double cross. Max has carefully engineered an amazing and plausible escape plan, at the same time luring Mr Big into the hands of the police. Mr Big escapes. With all their money and perfect identities, Max and Star vanish to the Pacific islands. Carla meanwhile, has her own missions to keep her out of trouble, while waiting for Max to surface. She is sent to US to sabotage the findings of a pharmaceutical company. Substances found in an Egyptian tomb (Book 1) prove to be a wonder drug. The Organisation are behind the pharma Co, but wish to hide the success of the substance. They are in fact sabotaging their own concern so others don’t believe the drug has value. However, someone is already sniffing around and the secret is at risk. The family Carla is staying with are under pressure. The son must help a car thief steal several high end cars from the lad’s employer. A mistake on Carla’s part gives the father leverage to force her to intervene. Carla has to steal the cars from a high security warehouse. Her skills work and off go the cars, the lad and his family are safe. The car thieves are being tracked by Carla, who report their position to her nemesis in the FBI. Caught in the middle, she has to make her escape. Max and Star are being sought by UK police, security forces, CIA FBI, the Mr Big, and the criminal father of the dead girl Star murdered. The father believes Max lured her away and that Star is actually his daughter. An inter-island trip on a small plane hits a lighting storm and the pilot dies. The plane lands in the sea, near a deserted island. They get to shore just as a boat investigates to tail of the plan, still afloat. The divers see the dead pilot and cargo of life rafts and believe she was the only person on board. The plane is dragged to deep water and sunk. Max & Star need to be rescued, but don’t want anyone knowing where they are. However, they will starve on the island, without rescue. That night, they are attacked by natives with immense strength. They manage to escape, but now the people in the boat know there were plane survivors. They don’t want that. Max & Star find a way in to a cavern and discover a research facility there. They are caught by the researchers and the situation is explained to them. The Antarctic pathogen has been the subject of their research for years. They have just developed a cure and were about to leave the island, anyway. Max & Star are infected and would normally die a quick but terrible death. They are given a serum and are saved. The Natives were the subject of earlier exposure to the disease and a cocktail of drugs has prevented their death. The treatment is a stopgap and they will die if not treated repeatedly. The side effects of the early drugs are dreadful, but it is better than the painful death. Max & Star must remain prisoners of The Organisation’s research team. Max does not remember his employer. The plane crash is big news and Max & Star’s photos are on the news. Everyone who is after them arrive on a main Island waiting for news of their location. Each part is planning to move in and kill them. Carla also goes to the main Island and as their location is discovered, everyone gets a boat and goes there. Carla can’t get a boat, so she buys a helicopter and with the pilot, flies there. A rescue helicopter has also reached the island. Now everyone is infected and will take it back and start a world pandemic. There would be no time to scale up the cure for the world’s population. The Organisation’s researchers, with the help of the natives, capture everyone except Carla. They are drugged, injected with the serum and towed way out to sea. The research team have evacuated and are well away, when they discover Carla is on the island. As an employee of The Organisation, someone must save her. The problem is, the whole island is set to explode and time is running out. Max picks the short straw and Star insists on going with him. She has overheard a conversation stating Max & Carl were an item. She is determined not to let Carla live. Max accepts Carla is his lover, but does not know her or care for her, just Star. They land on the island and race to reset the countdown timer, but there are no keys. Max tries to override the timer but makes things much worse. The rescue helicopter is their only hope of escape, but they still have to find Carla. Attacked by crazed natives in drug withdrawal, the 3 have a pitched battle. Star falls into a deep hole and there is no time for Max & Carla to rescue her. They fly off in her helicopter. Star gets out herself and races to the rescue helicopter and crashes on the main island. Max & Carla crash in the sea alongside the submarine the research team are on. Time goes by, and Carla discovers Star is alive. She must be silenced or The Organisation will be exposed. Unbeknown to them, Philippe is courting Star to get to Carla. Mr Big is after Star, and Carla takes over a mission to silence Star. Max is unaware of all this. Carla and a helper lure everyone who is a threat into a spectacular car crash ending in their death by fire.

October 10th 2012: Desperate action After leaving the hospital, Max kept his head down and slouched along like any other hoody in the crowd. Three hours after he left the warmth and comfort of the ward, he was chilled to the bone, soaked to the skin and racked with pain in every joint and muscle of his battered body. The only thing keeping him going was the dread of being caught and imprisoned. For all he knew, he might be a murderer and terrorist, and deserved to be excluded from society, but that did not make prison any more acceptable. He headed towards Victoria Embankment, known for its soup kitchens, a focal point for the hordes of homeless people in the area. Knowing the hostels and soup kitchens would be under surveillance, he knew there was no point seeking food and shelter there. Keeping out of sight in the back streets and alleys, Max came across a community of homeless down-and-outs, and felt sorry for them. Then he realized that they were all much better off than he was; they had shelter of sorts, warmer clothes and were not on the run. Well, all but one, that is. The old woman lying before him was dead, curled up on her right side in the fetal position. Her slightly open eyes with a misty glaze unsettled Max; it was as though she was watching him and knew what he was planning. The slightly sweet stench of death triggered a primal warning to keep away. It reached deep down into his gut in a way that the also-present stink of defecation could not. “Jen passed last night.” uttered the gruff male voice from under a large sheet of cardboard, taken from a discarded box. “Then she will not mind if I take her coat and brogues, will she?” replied Max in a quiet and respectful voice. “Suppose not,” replied the wizened, dirty face, as it emerged from under the cardboard. The full, dirty white beard, stained brown at the man’s lips by drink and foul substances, was so stiff with filth that it no longer looked like human hair. The man’s lips hardly parted as he spoke in a somewhat grudging tone: “She’s the lucky one.” As Max looked into the man’s pale grey, watery eyes, the pronounced yellowing of the whites suggested he would be joining her soon. Chronic liver disease would be the probable cause of death in his case. The face slid back under the cardboard, seeking solace there. Max pushed against the woman’s uppermost forearm with his foot. It sprang back as if it belonged to a rubber mannequin. There was no other response. The dirty camel coat she wore had to come off, and the uncooperative corpse was not going to part with it gracefully. Max stepped on her right arm with his left foot, pinning it to the ground. With his right leg pushed against the small of her back, he forced her left arm behind her. This took considerable effort, with her muscles and grinding arthritic arm joints strongly resisting. Max could now ease the arm out of the sleeve. When he released the arm, it sprang back almost to its original position and continued to move very slowly for about half a minute. Somewhat unnerved by this, Max tipped the old woman onto her back, yanked the coat from under her, and eased the other sleeve off the right arm. Still in the fetal position, her dress slid upwards, revealing her naked, intimate places. “I hope the coat and shoes fit. I never want to go through this again,” he spoke to himself. After respectfully repositioning her dress to restore her dignity, he laid the body back on its side. The shoes pulled off the feet easily. They were in excellent condition and fitted him perfectly. As Max put on the coat over his garments and changed the trainers for the shoes, he realized that the thick coat was still warm. A shudder ran through him as if her distressed spirit had impaled him on a lance of ice. Max disposed of the trainers some distance away. The body would soon be found and he did not want the trainers to link him to this area. As he continued his flight, slinking through a more upmarket slum area, he considered how he was going to get money to pay for shelter and food. He explored a number of options, but all conflicted with his dubious morals. Honest people would get hurt and stealing from them was just not right. They would also report the attack and draw the police to him. Thinking laterally, who would have money they do not deserve? Who would be unable to report they had been robbed? The answer was now clear; rob drug dealers and other criminals of their cash.

Table of Contents
Contents November 29th 2005: Talos Dome Plateau, Antarctica 6 August 19th 2012: London. 9 The celebration 10 Surprise attack 14 Help coming. 17 August 20th 2012: Amnesia 19 The prisoner 23 October 10th 2012: Destitute 27 Behind the scenes 29 October 10th 2012: Desperate action 30 Help me. 37 October 11th 2012: Break out 39 October 18th 2012: Star 43 The small strike 49 October 19th 2012: Max’s plan 53 A revelation 56 October 20th 2012: Second strike 60 October 21st 2012: The double 64 November 16th 2012: Ray’s flat 67 November 17th 2012: The warrant card 68 November 19th 2012: Stakeout 70 December 5th 2012: The spiked drink 75 December 20th 2012: Star finds a double 78 The first haul 83 March 10th 2013: Under pressure. 85 June 15th 2013: Suicide 86 June 16th 2013: Anna is dead 90 June 17th 2013: Father visits 96 Storage and resignation 100 June 18th 2013: Grand slam. 102 Max sends a note 107 Malenkov reads Max’s letter 109 June 19th 2013: Malenkov calls on Max 111 Anna goes for a ride. 112 June 20th 2013: Owner of Windsor mansion 115 Ultimatum for Marsh 116 First contact with Brander 118 June 23rd 2013: Max meets Brander 120 Malenkov concedes 124 June 23rd 2013: Anna’s burial 126 Brander gets a date. 131 Malenkov checks Marsh 132 June 27th 2013: The exchange 133 The aftermath. 139 Max & Star go home 140 June 28th 2013: Carla picks up the trail 141 Carla has a mission. 143 July 1st 2013: Carla joins Pharma Inc. 147 Dean Wilson? 149 July 22nd 2013: Follow Dean 151 Girl attacked. 152 The police call. 155 July 27th 2013: The gismo 158 July 29th 2013: Dean is suspicious 160 August 3rd 2013: Jane Foreman 162 A challenge for Carla 164 Tom’s problem. 166 Speak with the gang. 170 Jack takes Carla seriously. 171 August 5th 2013: Carla spies on Dean 179 Carla meets Brubaker 180 August 11th 2013: The car heist 184 The buyer 191 Tom’s reward 194 August 14th 2013: Carla meets Goodwood. 198 Showdown. 204 November 5th 2013: Ray worries Max. 213 Max breaks the bad news. 216 November 6th 2013: All at sea. 224 November 7th 2013. A matter of chance. 234 November 20th 2013: The new life. 235 The early riser. 238 November 21st 2013: Flight into danger. 245 The hunt for missing plane. 252 Mystery Island. 254 Natives hunt Max and Star. 257 November 22nd 2013: Carla gets her orders. 260 The deadly secret. 261 November 23rd 2013: The hunters. 270 November 25th 2013: Wreckage found 273 Evacuate Dom Island. 275 Carla has a plan. 276 Pursuers make plans. 280 November 26th 2013: Rescuers arrive. 282 Carla lands on Dom Island. 284 Countdown to annihilation. 286 Max hunts for Carla. 296 Natives run wild. 299 Find the US1 309 Star makes a splash. 313 November 27th 2013: Philippe investigates. 318 December 2nd 2013: Max and Carla go home. 323 Sam’s nightmare news. 325 December 5th 2013: Hell hath no fury. 330


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